Quick, clean and easy to use

The tried-and-tested CTS system makes plant protection safe and effective

Quick filling

Precise measuring

No spills, no drops


Fits on all sprayers

Fully closed system

Mobile or stationary filling stations

Fits on all sprayers

You decide what products to put in the tank

You can use the easyFlow Adapter to remove liquid plant protection products from any container from any manufacturer. This means that you can decide how to manage your plant population.

Fully closed system

No more plant protection product spills

As one of the very first CTS systems, easyFlow is always one step ahead: Environmental protection and occupational safety at the highest level. For you, for your plants, for everyone.

Mobile or stationary filling stations

The system that adapts to meet your requirements

Choose easyFlow as basic equipment to go with your new sprayer, retrofit it to your old sprayer or use the mobile device around your farm. For fields, fruit plantations and vegetable fields.

Sprayer filling reinvented

Are you familiar with the easyMatic?

It’s the big brother of our easyFlow system. The 45l barrels, equipped with smart chips, create a unique filling system that is incredibly user-friendly.

Designed with your farm in mind

“We developed the easyFlowM with its practical applications in mind. The system protects you, the environment and helps you to efficiently implement crop protection.”

Franz Renner | Application Technology Specialist at agrotop

Whole container or 2.8l: Mix and dose professionally

Making the perfect spray mixture has never been easier

For those of you that don’t know, the ratio should be 1500l of water to 17.8l preparation. Until now, to make your spray mixture you would have to place three containers in the induction hopper, on the jet pipe, then place the measuring jugs on the ground, aim precisely and pour out the desired amount. Afterwards, you would have to clean the measuring jugs and put them away. Finally, you would have to close the opened container.

With easyFlow you can choose either full or partial dosing: Simply turn the red lever, let the exact quantity that you want flow into the measuring jug – switch to suction – done. Thanks to the universal adapter, the container remains tightly closed until you need to use it again.

• practical
• precise
• efficent

Empty, dose and clean in one simple step

The easyFlow is a real multi-tasking piece of equipment and has completely redefined PPP handling

In the past, you had to go through many different steps to fill your sprayer. From unscrewing the lid and cutting open the foil seal, to emptying, rinsing and disposing of the container. It was possible for some of the plant protection product to spill or spray out at any moment during this process. The easyFlow system combines many of these steps and reduces the possible sources of loss for the valuable plant protection products to a minimum. It also fully protects users.

• clean
• exact
• environmentally-friendly

Tempo, Tempo: The Chucker is the Turbo for easyFlow

Emptying containers has never been faster

The vacuum created in the system already ensures that the containers are emptied quickly, but our patented Chucker provides extra inflowing air. This doubles the emptying speed. The small hole that the Chucker makes in the container also helps to makes it easier to dispose of. The container must be made completely unusable before being handed over to the PAMIRA System for disposal.

• incredibly fast
• safe
• complies with all applicable laws


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