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Standard spray nozzles can vary the flow rate only in a relative small range. Quadrupling the pressure only doubles the flow rate. To triplicate the application rate means to multiply the pressure by nine. That way – for example – in a pressure range from 2 to 8 bar the flow rate can only be doubled (1:2). This is a common adjustable range on a field sprayer. When spraying with a single standard nozzle at a constant application rate it is not possible to adjust the flow rate to application speeds in a range from 4 to 12 km/h (ratio 1:3 required). Therefore, it is necessary to use combinations of standard nozzles on multiple nozzle holders to extend the range of possible application speeds.

The new TurboDrop® VR Mk II resolves this problem with an extended flow rate of approximately 1:3 between 2 and 8 bar or up to 1:6 between 1 and 8 bar respectively. Depending on the size, the TD VR covers the range of up to 3 conventional nozzles at once. Thus it permits considerably higher changes in speed and application rates. Based on the established Turbo- Drop® venturi nozzle, the new TD VR utilizes an integrated bypass valve, which changes the size of the orifice continuously.

The application rate begins to increase already at lower pressures, than at other variable flow rate systems. This prevents pressure spikes at max. flow rates, protecting pumps and plumbing, reducing the overall power consumption, and eliminating the need for adjustable multi nozzle holders or twin lines. The TurboDrop® VR Mk II are a profitable investment for everyone working with adjustable application rates or an extended speed range at a constant application rate, without the need to change nozzles.

NEW: TurboDrop® VR 5 for high volume application rates

TD VR venturi nozzles are available as standard flat fan nozzles 80° or 110°, as asymmetric HiSpeed double flat fan nozzles or as ESI 6-stream nozzles for liquid fertilizers.

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