TurboDrop® Injektordüsensatz "Hochstamm" 500-800 lTurboDrop® venturi nozzles set "Hochstamm" for atomizers (500-800l)

[ TurboDrop® venturi nozzles set "Hochstamm" ]

500-800 liter

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Spray angle Sizes Pressure range Boom height



60°/40°/20° 015 to 08 5 to 35

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JKI approved for up to 90% drift reduction
Nozzle sets “Hochstamm” are available in two versions to cover a wide range of application rates. The nozzles and the spray angles are designed to reach higher treetops and to guarantee a good penetration while reducing the drift risk. Both sets are JKI approved for up to 90% drift reduction.
It is recommended to switch off the side of the sprayer that is oriented to the outside while spraying the margin of an orchard.

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  • Coarse to extra coarse droplet size for effective drift reduction
  • High droplet speed
  • Big application range (m) and excellent penetration
  • Wide pressure range
  • Maximum durability using extremely hard pink ceramic
  • Best performing: 25-30 bar (350-450 psi)



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