TurboDrop® HiSpeed StandardTurboDrop® HiSpeed Standard

[ TurboDrop® HiSpeed Standard ]

Asymmetric high pressure double flat fan venturi nozzle made from ceramic (coated with POM)

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Spray angle Sizes Pressure range Boom height



2 x 110° 015 to 06 2 to 10 40 to 60 cm
Orientation of spray patterns


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  • Asymmetric orientation of the two spray patterns, specially designed for higher application speeds
  • Compact design
  • High drift reduction maintaining excellent coverage
  • Perfect for fungicide, insecticide and post-emergence treatments
  • Best performance working pressure: 4-8 bar (60-120 psi)
  • Ceramic parts made from strong, high quality pink ceramic
  • Easy assembling and disassembling, even with gloves, no tools required
  • Improved coverage of vertical and angular targets

General information



TurboDrop® HiSpeed – the innovative nozzle technology

Using normal standard flat fan nozzles, the force from the driving speed deflects the downward oriented droplets forward to the driving direction of the sprayer. Therefore the droplet trajectory is forward angled and not straight downward. The coverage on the back side of the plant is always poor under this conditions. Higher sprayer speeds will step up this effect.

Traditional double flat fan nozzles with the same forward and backward orientation of the spray pattern may be able to balance this for application speeds up to 7-8 km/h. The TurboDrop® HiSpeed with a high orientation of the backward pattern and a downward orientation of the forward pattern is specially designed for speeds higher than 8 km/h. Influenced by the driving speed, the trajectory of the droplets will be deflected in the way that the backward angle will decrease and the forward will increase. Perfect for a similar forward and backward angle to optimise the coverage of the plants.



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