Albuz® CVI 80°Albuz® CVI 80°

[ Albuz® CVI 80° ]

Flat fan venturi nozzle made from ceramic (coated with POM)

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Spray angle Sizes Pressure range


80° 015 to 03 2 to 20


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  • High drift reducing potential
  • Spray angle of 80° to be used also on atomizers
  • Officially approved by German state authority JKI for drift reduced application up to 90 % in orchards
  • High accuracy and wear resistance by using only high quality pink ceramic
  • Flow rate according to ISO-color code
    Best preformance for orchards using 10-15 bar pressure
  • Special key to adjust nozzle position when using the nozzles on atomizers

Fits in caps with spanner width of 11 mm

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  • Metering disk and distribution tip made from extremely hard, high quality, pink ceramic
  • Less risk of breaking, only slightly longer than Albuz® ATR
  • No tools required for opening and cleaning
  • Metering disk easy accessible, blockage can easily be
    just wipped off

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  • Special key for AVI made from stainless steel: For adjusting nozzle position on atomizers
  • Adaptor seal to compensate difference of nozzle base when changing from ATR to CVI nozzles



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