AirMix® OCAirMix® OC

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Low pressure off-centre flat fan venturi nozzle made from hard-wearing plastic POM

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Spray angle Sizes Pressure range Application width


= 2.3 x
80° (15° + 65°) 02 to 05 1 to 6 boom height


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  • Two-piece design, no tools required for opening
  • Air cleaning system, no plugging of air entrance
  • High drift reduction
  • Wide application range
  • Same flow rate as corresponding flat fan nozzle
  • Suitable as end nozzle on booms in combination with AirMix® flat fan nozzles

Fits in caps with spanner width of 8 mm, commonly used on most sprayers

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Practical tips

AirMix® OC as end nozzle

In connection with AirMix® 110° flat fan nozzles AirMix® OC off-centre nozzles can be used as end nozzles for a sharp-edged differentation of the spraying rods. Therefore instead of an einer AirMix® 110° an AirMix® OC is used as end nozzle each time.
To reach an optimum lateral distribution we recommend two variants :

1. Use in the outside nozzle holder instead of the last nozzle with long stream arm to the inside. Within this you should take the AirMix® OC one size smaller than the AirMix® 110° in the rods (e.g. for AirMix® 110-04 theAirMix® OC -03 as end nozzle, because the working width of OC nozzles is a little bit smaller).

2. For comparison: Overspraying at the field edge when used as a end nozzle.



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