Airmix® Flat FanAirmix® Flat Fan

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Low pressure flat fan venturi nozzle made from hard-wearing plastic POM

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Spray angle Size Pressure range Boom height



110° 01 to 06 1 to 6 40 to 90 cm


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  • Two-piece design, no tools required for opening, no seals
  • Air cleaning system, no blocking of air entrance
  • Droplet size adjustable from coarse to fine through pressure
  • Up to 90 % drift reduction
  • Wide application range from 40-1000 l/ha
  • Fits in double flat fan cap

Fits in caps with spanner width of 8 mm, commonly used on most sprayers

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  • Short structural shape (22 mm), hardly longer than a standard nozzle
  • Easily decomposable for cleaning
  • Dose bore free accessible, simply wipe off dirt
  • Air inlet from below through the spray fan

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Operating mode

The AirMix® nozzle - How does it work?
The metering orifice at the bottom of the injector controls the flow and injects a jet into it. This jet passes a second orifice where it takes in the air. The air stream is cleaned by passing through the spray pattern, preventing the orifice from clogging.



Cleaning / PSM-Handling

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