Dosierung aus einem GebindeDosage from one device

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easyFlow - closed transfer system

easyFlow is the first closed, contamination-avoiding and selfcleaning transfer system for liquid plant protection products from sealed or non-sealed small containers enabling the user to do partial or complete transfers. easyFlow is designed to fulfil all standards of environmental protection and operational safety today and in the future.

In comparison to previous systems easyFlow combines the following features in one system:

  • Non-spilling connection with highest standards to user and environmental safety
  • An automatic relocking system prevents from unintended opening of the chemical container
  • Continuous adjustable flow rates, enabling also exact transfer of partial container volumes
  • Fast and complete cleaning of chemical containers, when empty
  • No more contamination and cleaning of measuring jugs required
  • Easy installation on all sprayer tanks or chem-hoppers

Product presentation


easyFlow imagefilm easyFlow product presentation

QuantoFill dosage device including pump


QuantoFill 400

with high performance diaphragm
pump and MicroMatic coupler for large containers



  • 3 meter pressure hose and tap gun
  • Dry break coupler to connect system to sprayer tank available on request
  • Maximal flow approx. 45 l/min (depending on viscosity of chemical)


  • QuantoFill 415 12 V DC (consumption ca. 20 A)
  • QuantoFill 475 230 V AC (consumption ca. 250 W)

QuantoFill 100 with small diaphragm pump



  • Installed in a shock- and corrosion resistant box with hinged lid
  • For installation on the sprayer or in the shop
  • 3 meter hose on suction side
  • 7 meter pressure hose with fittings for fixed installation
  • Tap gun or dry break coupler
    available on request
  • Maximal flow ca. 2 l/min
    (depending on viscosity of chemical)


  • QuantoFill 115 12 V DC (consumption ca. 7 A)
  • QuantoFill 130 230 V AC (consumption ca. 120 W)
  • QuantoFill 115 12 V DC with controller

Anschlussverschraubungen und Steigrohre

QuantoFill dosage device for assembly on sprayers (suction side)

  • Including electric valve (12 DC) for instant shut-off
  • Installed in a shock- and corrosion-resistant box with hinged lid
  • Recommended for 1" hoses
  • Adaptors for differing systems on request
  • Maximal flow rate ca. 70 l/min (depending on viscosity of chemical and sprayer type)

Functional scheme of QuantoFill and technical data

Till today it is common to pour the chemicals in a measuring jug and empty it into the chem-hopper or directly into the sprayer tank. Overfilling the jug usually results in overdosing because it is difficult to return excess chemical back to the chemical container.
Dosage out from large containers, using a chemical transfer system with a flow meter, may be easier, but the exact timing to close the valve, stopping the flow, is tricky, requiring a lot of practice.

Now you can put an end to these problems.

The QUANTOFILL makes the metering and the injection of your chemicals easy, secure and eco friendly. The QUANTOFILL proportioner can be connected directly to the suction side of the sprayer or using a dry break coupler (avoids spilling) to any other spray equipment, e.g. stationary pumps.
A MicroMatic clutch or a standpipe connects the chemical container to the QUANTOFILL system. The user selects the product name of the chemical used
from a pre-selected list or enters the calibration factor (viscosity) of the chemical.

Use the PRESET button to adjust the required volume.

Press START (ON) and the QUANTOFILL will transfer exactly the calculated quantity of chemical into your sprayer tank, switching-off automatically when the required volume is reached.

No spilling, no over dosage, no contaminated measuring jugs. Leave the QUANTOFILL proportioner connected to the chemical container until work is done or container is empty.

For cleaning connect the suction side to clean water and press RINSING for auto-rinsing of the device. The fluid will be injected into the sprayer tank for safe, eco-friendly use of the rinsing water.

Principal benefits using the QuantoFill

  • Exact and controlled dosage of chemicals avoiding errors
  • Highest accuracy using air detector, volumetric measuring system considering the switch on/off delay
  • Easy to operate by a secure and clear five key handling with functions: preselection of volume; start of liquid transfer (ON/OFF); flushing; selection of chemical or calibration factor (viscosity of liquid); reset or total volume
  • Measuring and transfer in one step, saves time
  • No contamination of measuring jugs, no direct contact with chemicals, eco-friendly
  • Auto cleaning, no extra effort required

AgriFill®-Impeller pump

Low weight impeller pump for the extraction of spray chemicals from containers using MicroMatic valves


  • Including MicroMatic connection valve, standpipe for containers on request
  • 3 m pressure hose and tap pistol, without flow meter, without gear
  • Pump can be driven with drilling machine, rechargeable power drill or air pressure drill
  • Max. flow rate approx. 20 l/min according to the density and viscosity of the liquid and the rotation speed (max. 1500 rpm)

AgriFill®-Diaphragm pump

Portable chemical pump (same as Chemtraveller®) for transfer of liquid chemical from containers using MicroMatic valves


  • Including MicroMatic connection valve
  • 3 m pressure hose and tap pistol

AgriFill® 2 diaphragm pump, 230 V AC or 12 V AC, including flow meter



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