Dosierung aus mehreren GebindenDosage from more than one devices

[ System with dosage from more than one device  ]

QuantoFill M

QuantoFill Mis a dosing and transfer unit for safe, accurate and contamination-free preparation of the spray liquid when filling the tank on a sprayer or nurse truck.

The QuantoFill M automates the procedure of measuring and pouring the liquid spray chemicals into the sprayer tank, saving time and avoiding dosage errors. Up to five different chemicals can be connected to the QuantoFill M.

The uni automatically calculates the correct volume of each chemical to be transferred based on the application rate of each product, the water rate and the treatment area of tank volume. The products will be dosed in the correct sequence, and the system is flushed in between chemical doses.

Using quick coupling fittings the QuantoFill M can be connected spill-free to larger chemical containers. Small containers can be transferred via a stainless steel chem-hopper.

Users say: "Proportioning three different chemicals (ca. 90 l) into a 4000 l tank takes about 5 minutes using the QuantoFill M. I'm already in spraying the field while my neighbour is still counting and pouring the measuring jugs into his sprayer tank."


QuantoFill M 4 Automatic proportioner 230 V
QuantoFill M 6 Automatic proportioner 230 V
QuantoFill M 4 Automatic proportioner 12 V
QuantoFill M 6 Automatic proportioner 12 V

Technical Data

Product characteristicsOnly suitable for licensed crop protection products or respective stock solutions
Viscosity:1,0 to 3000 CPS
Sprayer tank volumes:50–49.999 liter
Water application rates:50–4999 l/ha
Chemical proportion range:1,00–999.99 liters
Chemical application range:0,10–99.99 l/ha
Number of chemicals: max. 5 at once
Data storage: max. 25 different chemicals or rates
Min. transfer volume:3.00 liters, optional 1.00 liter
Measuring error:< 2,5 %
Supply voltage:12 V DC, optional 230 V/50 Hz AC
Power consumption:25 A DC, bzw. 1,5 A AC
Pump performance:max. 40 l/min
Pumping head:max. 8 m
Temperature:-5°C – 45°C
Max. hose length:3 m on suction, 8 m on pressure side
Permitted running time for each proportion cycle30 min


Higher efficiency of the sprayer as well as better operational safety and environmental protection

  • Reduced calculation and measuring errors when preparing the spray liquig
  • Easy handling of up to 25 different chemicals through data input before spray season
  • Environmentally and operator friendly by avoiding direct contact with the product and spilling (using MicroMatic valves)
  • Avoiding residual amount of spray liquid by automatically calculation the correct volume for each product spraying subareas or partial tank filling at end of treatment
  • Reduced filling time = increasing efficiency


The QuantoFill M is mounted on a support frame for secure and safe handling and operation, the main components of the proportioner are:

  1. Main control unit, including the main board, calculation, controlling and supervising the complete transfer and dosage process of all connected components like pumpsm sensors, meters and max. 6 electronic valves. The external parts are connected throug weather proven plugs (IP 65) and the complete unit is protected by a robust aluminium case (IP 65). The included cable loom allows placing the control unit up to 5 m apart from the transfer module mounted on a support frame. A main on/off switch is placed on the control unit.
  2. Valve manifold, mounted on the support frame with up to 6 electric valves (12 V DC). One is permanently connected to a fresh water source, the others are available for connecting to the chemical containers.
  3. Volumetric flow meter, including an air detector for precise measurement of liquid flow preventing measuring errors due to occasionally entrapped air (e.g. when container is empty).
  4. Diaphragm pump, appropriate for transfer of the vast majority of registered agricultural chemicals. The pump is available in a 12 V or 230 V version, the max. flow rate is 40 l/min and has a pressure control switch.
  5. Two strainers, one for the fresh water connection and another to protect the flow meter are installed.
  6. All fittings, hoses and couplings needed to connect the QuantoFill M to the sprayer tank and to the chemical containers (please contact us for details) are included.

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