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easyFlow is the first closed, contamination-avoiding and self-cleaning transfer system for liquid plant protection products from sealed or non-sealed small PPP containers enabling the user to do partial or complete dosing.

The easyFlow system is designed to fulfill all standards of environmental protection and operational safety today and in the future.

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  • No spill connection with highest standards of user and environmental safety
  • Continuously adjustable flow rates, enabling exact transfer of partial container volume
  • Rinsing of accessible parts in contact with Plant Protection Products (PPP) after partial dosing (adapters stays connected onto the PPP container)
  • Fast and complete rinsing of empty plant protection product containers
  • No more contamination and cleaning of measuring jugs required
  • Easy installation on all sprayer tanks and on most chem-hoppers



  • easyFlow tank adapter for installation on the sprayer tank, incl. mounting screws, sealing ring and drilling jig 
  • easyFlow container adapter for PPP con tainers up to 10 l with 63 mm neck thread
  • Rinsing nozzle incorporated in container adapter
  • Cuts and pushes back the aluminium seal of the PPP container automatically, no need to contaminate a knife for seal breaking
  • easyFlow wedge plate kit to compensate for uneven tank surfaces
  • easyFlow starter set contains one tank adapter plus several container adapters



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