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agrotop throughout the years

For over 40 years agrotop stands for innovative solutions in the field of spray technology. Key to success is the continuous adaption of nozzles and equipment to modern demands of the agricultural praxis. With some milestones of our company’s history we have affected the development of the whole market up to today. Also in the future with our grown competence we stand for exact, efficient and simple plant protection technology with premium nozzles – from professionals for professionals.

2001 until today

Silvermedal for the Quantofill M on the Agritechnica

Continuous internal sprayer rinsing
Improved rinsing system for continuous cleaning of field or orchard sprayers with reduced water and time consumption
2007: TurboDrop®VR
Innovative venturi nozzle for variable application speeds or rates
2005: TurboDrop®HiSpeed
First venturi double flat fan using anasymmetric orientation of the two spray patterns
2003: SprayMax
Improved multi range standard flat fan nozzle
2001: AirMix®
Low pressure ventrui nozzle with variable droplet size. A benchmark for compact air induction nozzles. First “short” venturi nozzle „cleaning“ funtion of intaking air

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1995 until 2000

1997: TurboDrop® XL
Multi use venturi nozzle for field sprayes with a variable droplet and pressure range
1996: TurboDrop® 20/40/60
Narrow angle venturi nozzles for atomizers working in tall growing hop gardens
1995: TurboDrop® DF
First venturi double flat fan nozzle for field sprayers
1995: TurboDrop® Standard
Injector with integrated cap to fit directly on standard bayonet nozzle holders
1995: TurboDrop® TDF 80
First flat fan venturi nozzles used in atomizers
1995: CADS nozzle with flexible tip for constant spray angle/droplet size

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1977 until 1994

1994: TurboDrop® TDJ – ATR-V
Hollow cone venturi nozzles for orchard spraying
1993: TurboDrop® Universal
First flat fan venturi nozzle for agricultural use, a benchmark for precision and drift reduction
1989: First drift reducing nozzle ServoDrop® using a pre-orifice
1987: Injector-foaming nozzle XAN 2

1984: Standard flat fan nozzles made from high wear resistant POM

1977: First flat fan nozzle made from Polybutylenterephtalat (PBTP)
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